Eminent- Teresa Gabriele -biBLOGraphy

     Below are most of the websites or sources that I used to obtain information on my eminent person, Teresa Gabriele. As you will see, I didn’t use very many websites or physical sources for this project. The reason for this is that I had a lot of existing knowledge on my person, and I also received a lot of my key information from my  two prodigious interviews. However, the sites listed below were, in most cases, extremely useful, and I would recommend most of them for any future research on Teresa Gabriele.


Picture credits: Canada Basketball



This was the first place I went for my information. It was also thanks to Allison that this became very readily available to me, however, you can find it on Canada Basketball’s website or through this link. It is a highly useful and information filled biography that has all the stats and records from her international career with Team Canada and also some highlights from other parts of her career. It will give you all the straightforward information you need.


This article from the Huffington Post I found very special and touching. It features several interviews with multiple national team players including Teresa and Allison(head coach) following their elimination in the quarter-finals at the London Olympics in 2012. I also used this article for some special insight in my speech.


This link will take you to the SFU Women’s Basketball Wikispace. I found this website highly useful in obtaining information on Teresa’s university career. You will find record lists and team lists as well as a helpful ‘Accomplishments’ document with information on the many awards Teresa received at SFU.

Win the Day, is a phenomenal video put together of the Women’s National Team at the Jack Donahue International Classic in 2012, leading up to the Olympics. I was actually at the first of the three games and you can spot me in this video. It is a great film that highlights the work of the team and I have watched it many times!

I could go on for a while about that film, but I won’t.


This is the link to the Canadian Olympic Team website’s bio of Teresa. Though it does supply a picture, this is not a particularly useful website. Most information is brief, can be found elsewhere in more descriptive context, and I’m not sure if it is all entirely accurate.


This brief article provides a nice snapshot of her senior season at SFU and their run to a championship. It also shows one of the many awards she and her team have received for that season.


Information on current SFU Women’s Basketballl coach Bruce Langford, who coached Teresa in her senior season of university, and Teresa herself, via the Hall Of Fame page, can be found here at the SFU Athetics website. Both contain useful information on Teresa’s career.


I have chosen not to make this my last post, but rather my reflection, as I feel that is the best place for me to close out my thoughts, to the extent that they can be closed out, about the project.

I hope this biBLOGraphy can be useful for any further research being done on this outstanding athlete in the future.

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