Circle Synthesis

noun, plural syntheses

the combining of the constituent elements of separate material or abstract entities into a single or unified entity (opposed to analysis, )the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements.

a complex whole formed by combining.
Synthesis: the complex combination of elements or pieces to create a single, unified whole.
There is an infinite number of ways to answer the questions “Where have we been?” and “Where are we going?”, but the first thing that pops into my mind when thinking about humanity in this context, is that life always moves in circles. Cycles even. Animals, nature, prey to predator relationships, populations, design, food, fashion, music, the list goes on. These pieces change through circles, develop through circles, return and come back through circles. It is the cycle of life.
So when I was thinking about these questions, “Circle Synthesis” seemed a fitting way to describe them. Circles being the cycles of life and developments over time and history as we know it, and synthesis being the combination of all these endless experiences and changes that have come to make the world as we know it today.
When you look at wars and conflict, it begins with peace, there is nothing wrong, then a problem arises, people slowly become unhappy, then it elevates, and elevates, and elevates… until revolt, revolution, protests, war, this is the explosion.
But after the explosion is done, there is nothing left, for the time being, the problem likely got fixed or at least temporarily solved, and now people are happy, at least for a while. Kind of like right after you throw up(sorry for any un-pleasing images), you feel good, even great sometimes, until it comes back to you. After that joy of having survived the explosion people start to stand up again, regain their strength, and as they stand, they step on the sharp shards of debris from the chaos. And the cycle begins again.
It is constantly happening, everywhere, all the time, in everyone, in everything. The cycle.
Some thoughts that I presented to my friends on Facebook this past week regarding this topic:
“All things in life are circles, but what happens if it is a square?”
“Then what happens when we get to a corner; are we at one?”
“Or are we always at a corner, a continual corner, and therefore, it is a circle?”
This previous thought, the continual corner is likely referring to continual change, constant movement of the world.
These were just a few thoughts from earlier this week where I discussed with myself the process of life. So I guess as a new question, “If life is made of circles, then what is the next rotation?”
Brining this back a little bit, I think that we’ve obviously taken the course of humanity and evolution and developed into the people we are today. But obviously we aren’t done. Naturally we want more, to reach further, to discover even greater destinations, to advance. We are curious beings. So, from a social side, if the past has included wars and disease, then won’t the future too? Recently many people have been in neglect of immunizations, which were created due to the outbreak of disease and discovered through science. This is a prime example of a circle in society today. As the disease was common, people took the immunizations as soon as they were available. Then as more and more people took them, the disease became less prevalent, and thus people believe they no longer need to take them. So naturally, the disease will now come back, to some degree, before people will again realize that they need the immunizations to protect themselves and hence will again return to getting immunized.
From an environmental and science standpoint, as we naturally develop, so is our environment, but everything changes together, we are all on this planet together, so as our development rapidly speeds up, so does the Earth’s. Is it too much for the Earth to handle? Was this supposed to happen? Or will we stop and reset the circle by renewing our ways of life to more basic, like we used to? But in the modern world as climate change is becoming more prominent and apparent, is it maybe a stronger question to focus on the even bigger circle? If the world as WE know it started with a big bang, then will the world as WE know it end that way? Will the world around us move on, the Earth maybe even without us, and a new species will arise just like us, completing resetting the planet?
Maybe this is happening on other planets in the solar system, they are just at a different point in the cycle then we are, and therefore we will never cross paths with other live beings in the universe, and they will never cross paths with us?
These are all possibilities, and we may not find the answers to them, but I can assure you, as we have come from a past of discovery, we will again strive for this in the future. And our destiny is where we are headed.

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