What Has Come Of This Nation! When I die, Let Britain Live. October/17/1868

My final words,

There are too many stars in the sky Charles. Have you thought about it before, the way some outshine others so that you can’t even see them anymore. I guess I’m one of those now. I’m not meant to be here, to be seen, to be noticed, to be recognized. My long lost love, think I’m ready to join you, come and get me. Take me away James, I don’t belong here anymore. I’ve done my best, what I could, as a woman, you would have thought otherwise, that I could have done more, that I should have been able to, and yet I wasn’t. Charles you know, how long it took you to just get my name in that letter. Then all I get is a bloody 100 pounds from a Duke who isn’t even from here. He’s from Britain! Now we aren’t even part of the lovely old Crown. I’m disappointed in these young leaders of ours, what do they know about loyalty and honour, they’re naïve. We’ve entrusted the British for hundreds of years and the British have entrusted us with their righteousness, and now upon the utter breakage of those Americans they choose to unlatch this chain. I mean what can I do, I’m 93, it’s been said and done, a year now. You poor children, your family, Charles what will you do, I’m not leaving you with anything: no money, no recognition, no . I guess this is what the people wanted, but I don’t have time to care about that anymore; I’ve stayed quiet all these years and look what they’ve done to us! I wish I’d done more for myself, more for women, more for this country…                Passes

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From earlier in my life you may remember a couple diary entries I shared from my Secord Diary. My life has been up and down, these only touch on a few major points in it.

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My second shared diary entry:

What Love Is Lost Is Gained – March/22/1841


It has been a long ride. The ups and downs of war, and politics, rights, and recognition, and marriage and loss. In my final moments, I give my best to my family as they move forward in this new and unthinkable nation. I wish I could stay to support you, but as I’ve said before, wishing doesn’t do any good, and my time has passed. I love you all, stay strong, I miss you already. How can I do this? How can I leave you? No, it was meant to be this way, I must go.

Farewell, love always, from Father and Mother,

My children,


Laura Secord

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