Slow but Growing Confident – In-Depth Post #4

First of all I want to apologize for such a slow update this past week. From Provincial basketball to poetry all the way back to practicing for our dance video shooting, it has been a little hectic, to say the least. Nonetheless, I have made it, and had a lot of fun along the way! As you may remember at the conclusion of our dance class we are filming a music video of the dance as a means of presenting it to all of you. Unexpectedly, I am now going to be able to be in this video as the group did not finish last week when I had to miss the last class. So I will be able to participate in this fun activity after all, and all of you will get to see a nice polished version of what I’ve been up to so far in my project!

Now for the not so great news, we are finishing the filming tomorrow, which means that unfortunately, again, I will not have the video to show you just yet. Additionally, tech wrecks continued in the saga of our practice dance clips as I again tried, this time transferring directly through a USB with Elyssa, to put some clips online to show you. Yet again, the videos would not cooperate. Therefore, it will be the next post, and I promise the next post, that I will have a solid video representation of the dance we have been working hard on!

So in the meantime, I had to get some practicing in. As I realized I hadn’t been at it with the dance for a little bit of time now. Bev has been an amazing mentor by staying in touch with me and keeping me up to date on any changes. She let me know that the class in fact would be filming a bit more and so I could be in it! She has also been super helpful by filming a video of our dance every week at class and sending it to us to practice with. I especially used this past week as I needed to practice up and remember it all again for the filming. This is however, as you have likely concluded, the last week that I will be partaking in this class. Well, the last class was actually last week, but additional filming has made a slight extension. Nonetheless I guess you could say that our mentor-mentee relationship is in the “coming to closure” stage, as Zachary in our mentorship book calls it. I am really looking forward to putting it all together tomorrow and seeing how it turns out. And it appears as though a little break has gained me some understanding of the dance. Funny how that works sometimes. So after some touchups, I think I’m feelin’ pretty confident! Hey, Confident, isn’t that the name of the song we’re doing? Yup, it sure is!

Throughout my learning of our dance to Demi Lovato’s Confident, there have been a few challenges, but one in particular is that there isn’t much time to learn it in the classes. This is obviously to do with the fact that it is a class and so we are limited to how much time we have the space. For the most part it hasn’t really been a problem but with certain parts of the dance, for example the ending which has a lot of fast footwork, I have struggled a little to keep up. I have however been able to make some of this up in some practicing on my own and also with Elyssa and Alyssa.

Something that has been working very well throughout this process is my knowledge of different dance moves and ability to do them. The latter is more obvious, but in terms of the former we have been covering a lot of difference dance moves that are incorporated into our dance, as well as some additional ones that we use in our warm-up at the start of class. In turn, because of the repetitions that we are doing these in, I am improving my ability at each of the moves and also my understanding of some basic concepts in Hip Hop, such as how to hold yourself and how to portray different attitudes. This is all because of how experienced Bev is and what a strong leader and teacher she is of our class. She puts a lot of effort in to her dance, as I have mentioned before, and so it makes it easier to see what we should be doing to show the emotion we want and really make it look good.

Finally, something that could work better, that relates to the one main challenge I’ve had, is the amount of one on one teaching. When you are in a class you don’t notice it so much but when the three of us really worked together on some sections that we struggled with you could see how this form of teaching can be very effective and helpful. This aspect is 100% because I am in a class nonetheless I would like to say that I have been getting a very good experience and education from this, especially as my first real dance class. The next stage in my project is to start working with an individual mentor on a regular basis. So as soon as I come back from spring break I will be looking for the person to fill that spot. This will allow me to really focus on areas of Hip Hop that I want to, and even areas that I’m not necessarily struggling with but am just interested in exploring a little more.

Another aspect I will be looking to do more of, which I have started to get into a little more in the past week, is watch and try some online tutorials for various songs, and from various teachers. This will be a fun way to expose myself to some different styles and levels of Hip Hop in working towards my final presentation.

I hope all of you have a wonderful spring break and I’m going to go show some confidence tomorrow in that dance! (Which will be viewable in my next blog post online!) Thanks!

(Note: Written from Friday, March 11th, night)

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