The Declaration of the Rights of Man of the Citizen – FrenchRev

Above is an artistically designed representation of the Delcaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, which was originally proposed and then signed in the National Assembly in 1789. This artifact is a particularly special and relevant document to my character, the one and only Lafayette, as he was the key creator of the document. He had the assistance of Thomas Jefferson before he left to return to the newly founded United States, but Lafayette was the passion behind the creation of this document for France.

Here is a link to an English translated version of the document that clearly shows the different points of the Declaration.

The Declaration plays a very large role in the French Revolution starting right at the beginning in 1789 when it is accepted by the National Assembly in August. The King is later forced to sign an agreement to the document when he is being held in house arrest at the Tuileries Palace in Paris, bringing it to the national forefront. It remains a key driving backbone behind the beliefs of the revolutionaries throughout the revolution and the events that follow years after. In fact, the Declaration officially remains in the French constitution today.

The document shows us how the many French were unhappy with the treatment of people from all backgrounds: race, religion, class. It states that they want equal representation and treatment in the court of law and opportunity to participate in society.

Lafayette wrote this to outline what was important to the people and why they wanted change. It was the beginning of his ideas of an ideal nation and what needed to become of the country. However, as radicals became more and more in power, the document was taken on backroads and roller coaster rides Lafayette may not have intended it to go on. With the extremist groups rising and the violence┬ábeing created, Lafayette may not have intended the document’s meaning to stretch so far as to justify such actions. Nonetheless, in the end, it had its glory, and the real fight, for the rights of man, came true.

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