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The Good New Days… Or Should I Say Sunny

And so it happens. A new government. A new beginning. Not a new blood, but a new sweat and tears.

Trudeau and his wife celebrate victory – photo creds defence.pk

On this eve, October 19th, 2015, Canadians elected a new leader, one who believes in leading by the word’s very definition: unity, trust, and confidence. In his first words as our soon-to-be Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau quoted one who had walked before him, not one that might have been expected, but one different, and worthy. He aims to follow in Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s “Sunny ways” in his leadership of this country, one where he believes anything is possible. And though he may be new to the stage, he is certainly not unaware of what lies before him.

Justin grew up in a household just like his own kids will grow up in now: surrounded by people, politics, and press. He went through tough times, has likely shed the rightful tears of what he has been through, as any underdog would. Nonetheless, in the many challenges he has faced, he has remained confident, strong, and self-believing. Though under-estimated right up until this very night, in every challenge and step from the outset of his career, he has held his faith in who he is, what he is doing, and what he can do, and tonight, Canadians held that faith too.

He led his party with pride, passion, and perseverance, for he wanted nothing less than what he wanted, and what he believed. Trudeau not only dreamed, but believed in bringing Canadians together as one, believed in bringing a new face to our government and Canada itself. Now, with hard work, endless travel, and speeches, knocking, phoning, and talking, he has led his party from the basement to the balcony in this election. He got his hands dirty along with his team members for four months straight, and now, how one could say he is inexperienced for his new position of leadership, I wouldn’t know.

So whether you voted Liberal or not, or are pleased with the outcome of this election or not, this is a new beginning, a new day. So let’s try to have optimism and make it a sunny day, because as Justin Trudeau has just proved, anything is possible if you believe.